Wiktoria Sikorska återvänder för ännu en säsong

Publicerad 2021-07-17 08:25

Vi är väldigt glada över att Wiktoria vill förlänga med klubben ytterligare en säsong, vi såg en fin utveckling hos Wiktoria under föregående säsong. Wiktoria har en bra teknik och är snabb på skridskorna och årets försäsongsträning kommer att ge en bra grund för att Wiktoria ska ta klivet in i toppen av poängligan.

Varmt välkommen tillbaka Wiktoria.

Just resigned with GHC, tell me about your feeling about that?

I'm really excited to meet new team and see how strong we will be and hopefully we will progress comparing to last season.

A second year in SDHL, what`s your goal for the season?

My goal is to progress as a player and teammate , I wanna get much better and help the team to win games

Tell me about your feeling for Gothenburg?

I love this city a lot of nice places to go to and people are really kind

What is your impression about SDHL and GHC?

It is really good league that is an opportunity to play good hockey as a woman . GHC is a pretty new team but we re making small steps and i feel like we will get better thru years

Favorite meal a day without hockey?

My favorite meal is traditional polish food

Stuff you like to do outside the rink?

I really like bike rides with my parents or playing some computer games

What is your tip for young girls that are looking up towards SDHL?

I think that the best you can do is give 101% everyday towards being a good teammate and player on and off the ice, listen to coaches and your team because in SDHL you can only win as a team. Dont be harsh on yourself if you do something wrong but make it better next time and always bring loads of positivity to the ice rink!

What is your impression about SDHL after one season with GHC?

Uhmm it is hard to win but u get a lot of experience playing for ghc against best women in world.

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