Nicole Jackson förlänger

Publicerad 2020-05-01 17:02
Nicole Jackson förlänger sitt kontrakt med Göteborg HC.

Nicole förlänger sitt kontrakt

Nicole har under åren blivit en av våra viktigaste spelare. En hög lägstanivå och en högstanivå som är matchavgörande. Vi är stolta över att engelska landslagets målvakt stannar kvar ytterligare en säsong.

Intervju med Nicole

How would you summarize last season?
I think we got off to a good season, then we started to get abit inconsistent with our performances which lost us some games. I think overall we are growing and heading in the right direction as a team and a club.

You've played many seasons in Göteborg HC and you're a important player for the club. Why have you chosen to come back for another season?
I enjoy playing and living in Göteborg. I have seen the club grow over the years, I know it can achieve more and I want to help to club do that.

Your goalie partner Frida and you seems to get along great. What does Frida means to you?

Frida is probably the best goalie partner I have had in my career. We get on really well, she always makes me laugh and we both support each other.

Your goalie trainer Krillan got sick during the last season but he stayed with you until the last game. What does Krillan mean to you?

Krillan means a lot to me, we have been though so much together over the years. I have learnt so much from him and still learning now, he's a big part of my development since I have been here.

Why do you think players should come to Göteborg HC?

I think if players want to develop and challenge themselves it's a good team to join. It's a team that is developing itself to challenge more in the league each year.

Härligt att ha dig ombord Nicole! Ett stort lycka till i kommande säsong.

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